Professor Sandra Gustafson Awarded NEH Fellowship

January 10, 2013, Joan Fallon, Categories: Topics of Interest and Women Faculty

Sandra M. Gustafson, professor of English and concurrent professor of American Studies at the University of Notre Dame, has been awarded a prestigious National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) fellowship to write a book on conflict and democracy in classic American novels. Faculty in Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters Notre Dame have been awarded 49 NEH fellowships between 1999 and 2013—more than any other university in the country. Read More

Russian Scholar Alyssa Gillespie Wins Translation Award

December 03, 2012, Chris Milazzo, Categories: Topics of Interest and Women Faculty

Notre Dame Associate Professor Alyssa Gillespie has won first prize in the 2012 Compass Translation Competition for her adroit translation of Marina Tsvetaeva’s “The Poem of the End.” She also received a fourth place prize for translating a brief selection from Tsvetaeva’s poem “Magdalene.” Read More

Psychology Professor Seeks Clues to Psychiatric Disorders in DNA

December 03, 2012, Aaron Smith, Categories: Topics of Interest and Women Faculty

Data, data everywhere. In genomics research, there is a data deluge, and so innovative ways to analyze all that information will play a critical role in future breakthroughs. Gitta Lubke, associate professor of psychology at Notre Dame, is at the forefront of developing new statistical methods to help find DNA markers that are related to psychiatric disorders—and spur further research regarding individual patients’ conditions. Read More

Two Scholars Join Notre Dame Romance Languages Faculty

October 16, 2012, Mark Shuman, Categories: Topics of Interest and Women Faculty

Notre Dame’s Department of Romance Languages and Literatures expands its faculty by two this year with the addition of Sarah Ann Wells, assistant professor of Brazilian and Spanish-American literature and culture, and Diana Roxana Jorza, an assistant professor of modern peninsular literature. Read More

Political Scientist Eileen Hunt Botting Wins Book Award

October 09, 2012, Kate Cohorst, Categories: Topics of Interest and Women Faculty

Eileen Hunt Botting, an associate professor in Notre Dame’s Department of Political Science, and one of her former Ph.D. students, Sarah L. Houser, recently won the Society for the Study of American Women Writers Edition Award for their book Hannah Mather Crocker’s Reminiscences and Traditions of Boston. The triennial prize recognizes excellence in the recovery of American women writers. Read More

Sacred Music at Notre Dame Receives Mellon Grant

October 03, 2012, Joanna Basile, Categories: Topics of Interest and Women Faculty

With a $400,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the University of Notre Dame announces the launch of the Sacred Music Drama Project, a four-year, cross-disciplinary initiative designed to engage people more deeply with the power of shared creativity, performance, and scholarship. The project will draw on humanistic, artistic, and sacred topics from a variety of musical traditions to develop new coursework and to stage the production of a major dramatic performance each year. The Mellon grant will also bring both eminent and emerging guest artists to campus and will fund the commission of a new work of sacred music drama at the end of the project. Read More

Authentic or Not, Jesus’ Wife Papyrus Sheds Light on Diversity of Opinion in the Early Church

September 28, 2012, Michael O. Garvey, Categories: Topics of Interest and Women Faculty

Whether or not it is authenticated, the recent discovery of a purported fourth-century papyrus fragment that quotes Jesus as referring to his wife “has some important ramifications for how we think about the early church,” according to Candida Moss, professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame. “Even if the text is a modern forgery, it draws attention to a debate about the status of women and the marital status of Jesus himself that scholars know was ongoing in the early church," said Moss, who teaches courses in New Testament and Christian Origins. Read More

Christine Becker Connects Scholarship and Social Media

September 26, 2012, Kate Cohorst, Categories: Topics of Interest and Women Faculty

When Christine Becker signed up for Twitter in September 2009, the associate professor in Notre Dame’s Department of Film, Television, and Theatre wasn’t sure what to expect. What she found was a new way to connect with people in both academia and the television industry, a new source of research and teaching materials, and a vehicle for staying on the leading edge of her scholarly field. Read More

Psychologist Nicole McNeil Receives APA Award

September 26, 2012, Joanna Basile, Categories: Topics of Interest and Women Faculty

In recognition of her distinguished body of scholarship, University of Notre Dame’s Nicole McNeil has received the 2013 Boyd McCandless Award from the American Psychological Association (APA). McNeil, Alliance for Catholic Education Associate Professor of Psychology, focuses her research on the development of mathematical thinking in various forms. Over the past several years, she has received more than $2 million in funding from the Institute of Education Sciences and the National Science Foundation. Read More

English Professor Laura Dassow Walls Studies Emerson and Science

September 26, 2012, Joanna Basile, Categories: Topics of Interest and Women Faculty

For her contributions to Emerson studies, Laura Dassow Walls, the University of Notre Dame’s William P. and Hazel B. White Professor of English, has been awarded the 2012 Ralph Waldo Emerson Society Distinguished Achievement Award. Read More

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